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Our comprehensive, RTA approved
Authentify certification takes just 30 minutes
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One certification, infinite buyers.

Here in Dubai there is nothing worse than tyre-kickers or chancers wasting your valuable time. Even serious buyers will often insist on the vehicle having an expensive and time consuming report to verify the condition.

So give yourself and your buyers complete transparency in the deal with just one free Authentify RTA approved certification that you can easily share on any digital platform.

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Why Authentify?

We are the first in Dubai to provide Authentication as a Service (AaaS) to the vehicle marketplace. For just 30 minutes of your time get a free unbiased, RTA approved Authentify certification on the condition of your vehicle to distribute quickly and easily on any digital platform. Authentify is the smart way to buy and sell in Dubai.


Your Authentify Certification

  • Share freely on any digital platform
  • Equality between seller and buyer
  • Over 240 vehicle points covered
  • Designed with buyers in mind
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Your Authentify Scores

  • Unbiased and trustworthy
  • Easy to read metrics
  • Covering overall and individual areas
  • Calculated using our unique evaluation algorithm

Free Authentify for the Seller

Why is Authentify Free for the Seller?

We don’t believe you should pay any more than you have to when selling your car, so we charge the potential buyer a small fee to quickly and easily access the report on your vehicle. Simple.

Range Rover Velar 2018

Overall condition:

Inspection free

Why wait, Authentify now!


*Tasjeel is an authorised partner of RTA

Our partnership with Tasjeel, the largest and most trusted
inspection company in Dubai means just one easily
understandable Authentify certification is all you need to bring
transparency and equality to the deal.

Book free at one of 40+ local inspection centres now.

Sell your car the
smart way

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