About Us

Authentify is the first of its kind in Dubai bringing Authentication as a Service (AaaS) to the vehicle marketplace providing on demand access to our unbiased, RTA approved Authentify certifications. Our partnership with Tasjeel, the largest and most trusted inspection company in Dubai gives buyers and sellers easily understandable information that brings equality to the deal. Having your car inspected and the Authentify certification created is totally free to the seller, we charge the buyer a small fee to download the report, a fraction of what it would cost to have the report done themselves.

Who is Authentify?

Authentify is part of the Javelyn Group and is based here in Dubai in the South Free Zone. Javelyn is dedicated to growing trust in communities and marketplaces which is the cornerstone of all the projects and collaborations it undertakes. Being a worldwide organisation it calls upon strategic partnerships, skills and knowledge from all aspects of business and academia to deliver exceptional innovative solutions to the market.

We believe that with the right technology we can build, propagate and sustain better marketplaces. We understand that the buying and selling of vehicles is time consuming and stressful and that sometimes deals can go wrong for a variety of reasons.

Our research has shown that when buyer, seller or sometimes both are not aware of the true value or condition of a vehicle this can cause a serious a breakdown in trust. We want to restore this trust to the marketplace with the ability to access trusted information on demand and therefore promote better decisions that can be more efficiently made.

Our mission

We believe that the future lies in our technology bringing transparency, information and trust to every deal, so mutually acceptable values can be achieved and there are no surprises along the way

Our Team

Our team has been assembled from visionaries, critical partnerships and expertise from all over the world as well as here in Dubai. We are proud to take Authentify into the marketplace with confidence and a unified vision.

Alex Moldow

Alex Moldow

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder

The vision and driving force behind Authentify, Alex is a serial entrepreneur and leader with a strong legal background that ignited his passion to bring impactful businesses to the market.

Steven Atherton

Steven Atherton

Chief Creative Officer (CSO)

With over 27 years in creative design and advertising Steven has worked for the largest and most influential agencies, taking up senior posts in locations around the world delivering a portfolio of innovative and creative solutions.

Michael Fokin

Michael Fokin

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Michael has spent in excess of 8 years in the IT sector working on all development aspects of projects and delivering innovative technological strategies for leading companies around the world.

Peter Borland

Peter Borland

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Peter has a high profile legal background with over 10 years experience in corporate law in London building and defining trust to an extensive UK and International client base.

Dmitry Kurash

Dmitry Kurash

Chief Design Officer (CDO)

Dmitry has spent almost a decade in startups around the world creating digital products and effectively leading design teams delivering impactful solutions to real world problems.

Alex Mantzaris

Alex Mantzaris

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Alex has unrivalled credentials in data science and specialises in the nature of online social interactions and the insights that we draw from the storage of that available information.

Kriton Danopoulos

Kriton Danopoulos

Information Security Consultant

With considerable international experience in hardware systems, software maintenance and troubleshooting Kriton is pivotal in establishing team working within our multinational environment.

Our Partnerships


*Tasjeel is an authorised partner of RTA

Our partnership with Tasjeel, the largest and most trusted
inspection company in Dubai gives buyers unbiased,
easily understandable Authentify certifications that
bring equality to the deal.

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